Monday, July 3, 2017

NYC Day 15: The Cloisters and a rained out Midtown evening

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MET CLOISTERS TALK: Medieval Frescoes with Sigrid Goldiner
I went to the Cloisters in plenty of time to start this tour with an elderly and very anorexic looking Sigrid Goldiner. Maybe I'm being too harsh on Sigrid, but by god she was thin to the point of being invisible! I listened to the first 15 minutes of her talk with great interest, and then wandered off on my own for the next couple of hours.

I toyed with the idea of heading home for the evening, but on a whim I decided to take the M4 bus all the way to 42nd Street, and waste some time there before getting something to eat. As it happens, the heavy rain showers that had been threatening all day, decided to let loose just after I had entered a Pret A Manger for something to eat, and I sat out the deluge inside away from the rain. However, the rest of the evening did not look like it was going to escape without the occasional downpour, so I walked back to Madison Avenue and caught another M4 bus back to The Heights. 

A poisonous Mandrake plant in the Cloisters Medieval garden

And that, dear reader, is a summary of my second week highlights in New York City. Here, as near as I can calculate are my daily expenses for this past week.

Week Two Expenses (Figures in brackets are Australian dollar amounts)
Museum Memberships $19.15 ($25.15)        | Ongoing
MTA Pass $28.00 ($36.80)                            | weekly expenses
Accommodation $152.00 (200.00)                | $199.15 ($261.95)
Sunday 25, June | Expenses $49.00 ($64.55)
Monday 26, June | Expenses $77.00 ($101.20)
Tuesday 27, June | Expenses $72.50 ($95.30)
Wednesday 28, June | Expenses $38.37 ($50.10)
Thursday 29, June | Expenses $0.0 ($0.0)
Friday 30, June | Expenses $103.95 ($135.20)
Saturday 1, July | Expenses $29.50 ($38.35)
TOTAL: USD$569.47 | AUD$746.65


General view of the Cloisters from the Medieval Garden

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