Thursday, July 8, 2010

Livingstone's New York Postcard #1

Intergalactic time traveler, Livingstone Cook is living the high life in New York City, and has taken time out from partying to send some happy snaps back to Shummy-Shum (as he affectionately refers to his mother).

Livingstone is already well travelled, having come from beyond the Pavo constellation. Unfortunately, he did get caught up in some recent sun spot activity which has caused major malfunctions to his internal guidance systems.

The other side effect of this incident is that it has left him with a body mass that has become extremely soft and pliable, giving him the appearance of a soft toy made from heavy ply wool with black beads for eyes. However, this transformation from an inter-galactic, state of the art, robotic alien has its benefits since it means he is now incredibly light and can fit into almost any space, which makes it east to tote him around with me wherever I go.

Written by Livingstone himself, here in his own words is a report of his first exciting taste of international travel.

Hello, mommy Shummy_Shum. It too hot in Noo York City, especial if you come from ice-berg planet like me do. Me be getting out and over with Uncle JimJim – when he can bother to take me with he.

Image: Livingstone waiting at Adelaide Airport for flight to Los Angeles

Me waiting in pack back for intergalactic to Los Anglees. Uncle JimJim make big ha_ha. He say intergalactic take 20 hours or more! BigJoke Uncle JimJim. In 20 hours Me fly to Moon Station 0030. You no fool Me, SillyBilly.

Image: Livingstone claiming the double bed in the Super 8 Hotel, Los Angeles for himself

Uncle JimJim no make BigJoke! Travel on sky plane take 20 hours and more! Earth people dummy_dums. Why they have no teleport stations? Travel well faster than sky plane with teleport stations. Now he say big bed for he only. Me say big bed for Me too. Me want no more sleep_asleep in pack back!

Uncle JimJim say Me a big woosh. He say Me be a SillyBilly. Me no big woosh! Uncle JimJim be a big woosh becos he be jet blagged. He should be travelled 13 light years - then he be jet blagged for real!

Image: The Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX. No, Livingstone, you can’t catch it home!

Me see intergalactic USO Sky Ship Bob Hope, waiting to launch at Los Anglees, LAX. Me want to catch sky ship home. Uncle JimJim say Bob Hope is no sky ship but people house. He say we stay in Los Anglees. He still grumpy_grump from jet blagging. Big woosh!

Image: Livingstone have a quiet word with Steven Spielberg on Hollywood Boulevard

Me be meet with Steven Speelberg! He be Me big and bigger hero. In Pavo Constellation Mr. Speelberg top earth director for all space comedies. Always. Me favorite comedy be E.T. and Close Encounter. Me laugh fit to get busted! Good jokes, Mr. Speelberg.

Pleese, scuse Me poor inglish. Livingstone inglish is get better but not best yet.

Luv U, Shummy_Shum. By-bye.


Yes, I know. Riveting stuff, isn’t it? Still I promised Livingstone that he can contribute one blog post each week detailing his adventures and unique insights (yes, that’s a joke). With a bit of luck it may at least stop him from nagging me constantly about ‘going home’. It seems to be working. Right now he is working on his next entry which includes New York City.

I bet you can’t wait.

Yeah, right!

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