Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Photo #1: Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis Columns, Athens, Greece

Of all the images I took of the Acropolis, this is my favourite, and I’m not even sure if I can articulate why. It is something to do with the framing of the image; the contrasting hues of the columns; the balance of colours; and the strength and physical power the white marble column in the foreground projects.

In this modern age of prefabricated buildings, when structures can be thrown up, higher than anyone in ancient Greece could ever have imagined, one wonders what the builders of the Acropolis (or the Coliseum in Rome – or any of a hundred other ancient structures) might make of our present cities. As amazing as our new skyscrapers may be, one has to wonder too, just how many of them will still be standing 200 years from now – let alone in 300 years!

Certainly none will be able to match the longevity of the 2500 year old Acropolis, which, if not for the explosion which all but destroyed it in 1687 might still be standing in all its former glory.

Image: Acropolis Columns, Jim Lesses
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