Thursday, April 18, 2013

Philabaum Glass Gallery & Studio, Tucson, Az

Stunning art for sale at Philabaum Glass
~ I visited the Philabaum Glass Gallery and Studio during my stay in Tucson, Arizona last September. Tom Philabaum has been producing stunning works of art in glass for more than thirty years. He built his first glassblowing studio in 1975 in downtown Tucson, and opened a gallery in 1982. The current gallery and studio was opened in 1985, and not only features Tom Philabaum’s work, but the work of many other talented glass artists.

Visitors to the gallery are able to enter the studio attached to the main gallery, and watch as the glassblowers work their magic on the molten glass. This is not the place to go into a detailed description of glassblowing, and any way, I know next to nothing about the processes involved. However, it was exciting to watch these skilled craftspeople at work, and to spend time examining the truly stunning works in glass available for sale in the gallery and shop.

Tom Philabaum was the recipient of the 1998 Arizona Governor’s Art Award for Artist of the Year. And in May 2000, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona awarded him the prestigious $25,000 Arizona Arts Award in recognition of significant contribution to the growth and development of the arts in Arizona.

Glass artists at work at Philabaum Glass
Also in 2000, Tom began teaching nationally accredited classes at Philabaum Glass, giving birth to the Sonoran Art Foundation, co-founded by Tom and David Klein, which is now known as the Sonoran Glass School.

Tucson Glass Festival
In 2010, Tom Philabaum collaborated with the Sonoran Glass School to organize and host the first Tucson Glass Festival, presenting live demonstrations with visiting artists and exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout Tucson. The festival is currently underway in Tucson with the final events set for April 20.

I was delighted to be able to visit the gallery and studio during my stay in Tucson, and I recommend it highly if you are planning a stop in the city.

Here is a brief video compilation I have put together following my visit:

Instrumental I'm In Pieces courtesy of MJW RECORDS…
Available on Soundcloud

More Information
711 S. Sixth Avenue
Tucson, Arizona
Tel: 520-884-7404
Email: gallery [at]

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