Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Viewing List #1

Photograph by Damon Winter
Yesterday’s Reading List is complemented today by our Viewing List – a selection of slide shows and video’s that have caught our attention and interest while trawling across the far reaches of the Internet over the past week.

Ironworkers of the Sky

For those readers lucky enough to live in New York and who have had an opportunity to watch the building of the new World Trade Center over the past three of four years, I hope you have taken the time to spare a thought for the thousands of workers who have been labouring day and night on the new tower.
The New York Times online has a great feature on the new 1 World Trade Center, and the men who are responsible for its construction. The photograph above is one of many that can be seen in a video entitled TheSky Cowboys, which features the photography of Damon Winter.

You can also view some of Damon’s images in the eleven image slideshow, Raising High Steel Atop 1 World Trade Center by following this link…
Note: Although initially available online at no cost, much of the New York Times’ online content is eventually available only by subscription. As of this posting date, the above video and slideshow is freely available, but may not be when you try to access the content.

Blade Runner Convention Reel (1982)

With talk of prequel to Ridley Scott’s classic Sci-Fi masterpiece Blade Runner doing the rounds online, this thirteen minute featurette produced by M. K. Productions was used to promote the film through America’s horror, fantasy and sci-fi conventions.
The short promotional film features interviews with Ridley Scott, Syd Mead (visual futurist), and Douglas Trumbull (special effects), gives viewers some insight into the making of the Blade Runner universe.

Time Lapse New York
This time lapse film by James Ogle uses hundreds of New York City images woven together to create a lovely homage to the "city that never sleeps". I don't know how long it took James to put the film together or how many images were used, but it flows together beautifully, and on viewing it, I immediately wished I was back in New York again, seeing this amazing city with my own eyes.

Most of the iconic buildings and locations you associate with New York are here: the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Staten Island Ferries, and of course the Statue of Liberty among many others.

TIP: Click on the cluster of four arrows (located between the letters HD and the word VIMEO) to enlarge the video to full screen view for optimum viewing pleasure.

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