Friday, September 22, 2017

The Story So Far... So Far...

No, that's not me in the image above, but it might as well be.

Just one week after returning from three great months in New York City, I walked head first into the tail-end of the annual cold/flu/viral infection season which has left me bedridden for several days while hawking up seemingly endless amounts of multicoloured mucus into the bin beside my bed.

Before the virus struck, I thought I was tired due to my constant exertions in New York while trying to make the most of my visit. However, I didn't know what tired was until I woke up on Tuesday morning aching all over and lethargic to the point of complete collapse. Since then I have run through the list of major symptoms and have ticked off pretty much all of them –– including diarrhea!

As if this post, I think I have bottomed out (no pun intended), and I am once again on the mend, but I am sure that I won't be completely virus free for several days yet. Maybe then, I will be able to get back to finishing off my daily New York City reports.

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Norovirus infection - including symptoms, treatment and prevention...

Stay Well.

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