Sunday, September 11, 2011

World Trade Center in Figures

I love this infographic on the History website, about the new World Trade Center. It provides much essential information about the building and site. For example:

  • It is estimated that when it is completed, the complex will attract 3 million annual visitors

  • Once completed the WTC complex will consist of six office buildings

  • The memorial itself will include a plaza and museum

  • The site will also include a performing arts center

  • And it will include a new state-or-the-art transit hub

  • The World Trade Center in Figures:

  • 1 full office floor per week is built at peak construction

  • 2 Private developers

  • 16 acres (6.4 hectares) - the size of the WTC site

  • 19 Public agencies involved in construction

  • 33 designers, architects and consulting firms are involved in construction

  • 45 seconds - the time it takes to rise to the top of 1 WTC

  • 71 elevators (five high-speed lifts moving at 2,000 ft per minute)

  • 101 contractors and sub-contractors are involved in the construction

  • 104 floors

  • 400+ swamp white oak trees have been planted on the the new plaza

  • 408 foot antenna (a rotating beacon flashes the letter 'N' in morse code)

  • 1,362 feet (observation deck at the height of former WTC Tower 2)

  • 1,368 feet (glass enclosure at the height of former WTC Tower 1)

  • 1,776 feet (the height of 1 WTC represents the year of American independence)

  • 2,500+ workers are involved in construction on an average day

  • 2,983 names etched into the bronze papapets surrounding the pools

  • 7,500 tones - the total weight of all trees

  • 45,000+ tons of structural steel (six times as much as used in the Eiffel Tower)

  • 450,000 gallons of water - the amount of water that can be held in each pool

  • 2.6 million square feet of office space

  • 3.1 Billion - the cost of rebuilding

  • And one more thing
    If every member of the 1 WTC construction crew tried to travel down to the ground for breaks, it would take nearly half a day. To prevent delays, restroom facilities and even a sandwich shop are raised up to each floor by a hydraulic lift as work progresses.

    Click here to see the full image...  Thanks to History.Com for this infographic and information.
    World Trade Center: Past, Present, Future 102 Minutes That Changed America World Trade Center - In Memoriam

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