Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to The Compleat Traveller

Welcome to The Compleat Traveller*

I've decided to set up this blog because I want to share some of my travel stories with you. My best travel photographs. And the best travel tips, tricks, and money saving ideas I can find online.

Last year I spent seven months travelling to the USA, Britain and Greece. While I spent extended periods of time in both America and Greece, I came away with a wealth of stories, experiences, great photographs and hours of video footage.

I'd love to share this with you, the reader, and while some of my posts will recount past trips and exploits, I will also be adding new posts based on any additional travel I do - and I plan to do a lot.

* Just in case you think I can't spell, the word Compleat is the archaic form of the modern English, complete. Since several of my first choice names for this blog where already taken, I was lucky enough to register a blog title that was at least close to what I originally wanted.
As for the word, Traveller, being Australian born and educated, I prefer the British spelling for this word, rather than the American which uses one 'l'.

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