Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hidden Gems: The New York Pass

~ While writing yesterday’s entry, I remembered one of the best money saving Hidden Gems of my New York visit. The New York Pass. Since many readers may already be planning a Spring visit to the Big Apple, I thought I might as well write about the Pass today.

If you are planning a trip to New York City, and want to get the most value for money out of your stay, you must get a New York Pass – especially if visiting the host of stunning attractions scattered around the city is high on your list.

The New York Pass is the size of a credit card, and comes with a handy pocket sized, full colour booklet containing details of virtually every major attraction, and then some, in New York City (and that includes all five boroughs, not just in Manhattan.

Seriously, if there is one purchase you should make before you travel to New York, the New York Pass is it.

Don’t worry, it won’t go out of date. The time limit on the Pass begins the moment you use it for the first time. When I bought mine, I held onto it for almost two weeks before I started to utilise it. However, you must remember this (a kiss is not a kiss… sorry, I couldn’t help myself); you need to know that once you have used the New York Pass for the first time, you then have to use it within the allocated time period of the Pass.

For example; if you purchase a 3 Day Pass, you must use it over three consecutive days. So, even if you are going to be in New York for five days, you can’t use the Pass on say, Monday, Tuesday, and then again on Friday. It will no longer be valid by Friday. If you start using the New York Pass on a Monday, you will have to use it over the next two days – Tuesday and Wednesday – as well.

However, that is virtually the only restriction the Pass comes with.

Click the image below to find out more and order your New York Pass - or keep reading to see a partial list of what is on offer.

The list of attractions the New York Pass includes presents unbeatable value if you use it to its full potential. Here are just a few of them:
  • Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
  • Empire State Building
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Sports Museum of America
  • Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center)
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Bodies…The Exhibition

“What about the kids,” I hear you ask.

Well, I’m glad you did, because with a New York Pass you gain entry to…

  • Madame Tussaud's
  • The New York Skyride
  • Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
  • Four zoos: the Bronx, Central Park, Prospect Park, and Queens Zoos
  • Brooklyn Children's Museum
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
  • Staten Island Children's Museum

And much more.

If you are interested in the arts, the New York Pass is perfect:

  • Bronx Museum of the Arts
  • Carnegie Hall Tours
  • Tour at Lincoln Center
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • Queens Museum of Art
  • Whitney Museum of American Art
  • … and as already noted above…
  • The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

And still the list goes on.

Remember: purchasing a New York Pass means you have already paid admission fees to all the above places of interest as well as many others. It also means that since you have the Pass, in many cases you get to go to the head of the queue, since you don’t need to line up for entry tickets.

In addition to the above (and many others I haven’t mentioned), you are also entitled to money saving discounts on a host of items at other participating outlets.

Believe me, if you can’t find something for everyone in the New York Pass booklet – I’ll eat my hat!

This is truly one of the best value Hidden Gems of my overseas trip. Click on the image below to find out more. You’ll be glad you did.

Planning a trip to NYC?

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