Monday, July 26, 2010

Postcard From Livingstone #2

~ Intergalactic time traveler, Livingstone Cook is living the high life in New York City, and has taken time out from partying to send some happy snaps back to Shummy-Shum (as he affectionately refers to his mother).

Livingstone is already well travelled, having come from beyond the Pavo constellation. Unfortunately, he did get caught up in some recent sun spot activity which has caused major malfunctions to his internal guidance systems.

The other side effect of this incident is that it has left him with a body mass that has become extremely soft and pliable, giving him the appearance of a soft toy made from wool with black beads for eyes. However, as Livingstone likes to say, "Looks can be deceiving". This transformation from an inter-galactic, state of the art, robotic alien has its benefits since it means he is now incredibly light and can fit into almost any space, which makes it east to tote him around with me wherever I go.

Written by Livingstone himself, here in his own words is a report of his second riveting week of international travel.


Hello, mommy Shummy_Shum. It too hot in Noo York City, especial if you come from ice-berg planet like me do. Me be getting out and over with Uncle JimJim – when he can be bother take me with he.

Here be wat Me do since Me be go from you, and go with Uncle JimJim.

Image: Livingstone getting chummy with Jake the cat

Me be meet with Jakey caat. Jakey like to play and jump. He roll me over and over, and tikkle me fit to get busted. Midnight caat, she don’t like to play. She be play cool, but Noo York too hot to play cool.

Image: Livingstone counting 5 to the 5th power

Me be play with Jakey caat. We be play hidey_hidey. Wen Me count five to fifth power, Jakey go to sleep_asleep. Jakey caat no fun to play with. He be a boo_boo!

Image: Livingstone backpacking the Highline

Uncle JimJim take Me walkies. He pack-back Me so Me not get over tire. This day we walk Highline Park. This be one old railways line. Trains no more runs here. Now railways line be pritty garden. Me likes pritty garden.

Image: Livingstone waiting for Macys July 4th fireworks display

This big day in Noo York City, and big day all over this one country. We wait and wait and wait. Me be sleep_asleep in hot sun and Me be melty all over, but Uncle JimJim say we stay to see big bangs. I say I already see Big Bang, but he say I be SillyBilly. Me no SillyBilly. Me want to go home!

Image: Livingstone catching up on some reading

Me like be Madhatten. Big tall house look like rocket ship to home. Me want to go home! Uncle JimJim say may be we go to Cape Canaberal to see big sky ship. Catch sky ship to home. Me think Uncle JimJim make bad fun. Not funny JimJim. SillyBilly!

Image: Livingstone getting some fresh sea air on the cruise to Bear Mountain

We go for sail on water ship. Me no like water ship, Me like sky ship. Uncle JimJim make play and hang me over side. Uncle JimJim be too silly. Make Me sea sick. Me go hidey_hide.

Image: Livingstone hiding in life bouy

Me be hidey_hide in life boy. Me feel safe now. Uncle JimJim say Me be careful of be like Captain Ahab. Me no kno who be Captain Ahab. Me no care! Me want to go home! Me want talk to Mr. Speelberg.

Pleese, scuse Me poor inglish. Livingstone inglish is get better but not best yet.

Luv U, Shummy_Shum. By-bye.



Well, there you have it. Thankfully, the New York heat has addled his brain somewhat over the past couple of weeks and the doctor has recommended lots of bed rest, which required Livingstone's abscence from my explorations of the city. However, I took pity on him having seen the corrosive influence of hours of daytime television on his circuits. So you can look forward to another update in a week or thereabouts. Sorry.

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