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Your Road Trip Survival Kit

~ Since I have been talking and writing about road trips in previous entries (Tips For a Great American Road Trip), I thought it might be timely to include an article written by Phil Washington outlining some important items you should include in your road trip vehicle survival kit. Over to you, Phil.

~ Summer Calls for a Vehicle Survival Kit, by Phil Washington

Your vehicle may be a safe zone for you in case of an unfortunate incident but it could also be a trap. In case of an emergency on the road, you should be able to make the necessary actions to ensure your safety and those of your passengers. Here are the necessary items that should make up your vehicle survival kit - must-haves during summer:

First Aid kit

A first aid kit is a real must-have for all vehicles. It contains just about everything you need to protect yourself from cuts, scrapes and possible infection. It also contains small equipment that can come in handy in case you need to cut anything (scissors) or signal for help (mirror). If you're travelling any time soon, check your vehicle first aid kit to see if it's complete. Stash extra prescription medication here for easy access.

Jumper cables and tow strap

You'll need these cables in case your vehicle's battery conks out or if your car needs to get towed.

Flashlight and strobe lights

In case your vehicle gets stalled or stuck or if you get lost, you'll need a flashlight to find your way around, particularly after dark. Strobe lights or flares will also come in handy for signalling.

Spare batteries for all electronic devices or a charger

You should have fully-charged batteries for devices such as cell phones, flashlights, strobe flares and other self-defence gadgets. This will ensure that you will be able to use them immediately when and if you need to.

Safety Vest

A safety vest will help protect you against the elements and make you visible at the same time. Safety vests are designed with reflective coating, usually running horizontally or crosswise on the back. The vest will reflect any light from a distance, making you easier to find.

Fire extinguisher

Your vehicle should have a compact fire extinguisher on board, particularly during long rides. You can easily and safely put out a fire with this.

Cooling pads or ice packs

During summer, even with air-conditioning, the interior of your vehicle could gradually rise in temperature. Avoid the risk of suffering from a heat stroke and keep yourself cool, particularly during long rides. As part of your vehicle survival kit, throw in a couple of cooling pads or ice packs. This will help bring down your temperature and prevent heat-related headaches and nausea.

Extra water

Always bring a bottle of water with you in your vehicle, especially during summer. This will keep you hydrated and help prevent heat stroke and fatigue.

Extra money

Yup, in many vehicle-related emergencies, summer or winter, having cash available when you need it helps.

About the Author
Nobody wants his summer fun to be spoiled by any accident. To be on the safe side, why not always bring with you a vehicle survival kit? You can choose from a wide variety of survival kits.

Thanks for the article, Phil.

So what would you (or do you) include in your road trip survival kit? Feel free to pass on your own essential tips and tricks via the Comments section below - or better still, contibute your own entry to this blog. The more knowledge shared between road trip warriors, the better.

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  1. Always be prepared for any disaster or emergency. The survival kit inside your car will save you whenever an emergency strikes. Having these items minimizes the risks and give you a better chance of survival anytime, anywhere.

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