Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Bitter End – Natural Woman

This is the third in a series of videos recorded at The Bitter End All Star Jam during August 2010. The song featured here is the Carole King classic, You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman).

To my great shame and regret, I did not make a note of the singer’s name, although I do know she was (and may still be) working at The Bitter End behind the bar. In between serving punters and waiting on tables she would always do at least one song during the Jam session.

Nor do I know the name of the African-American guitarist playing during this song. However, the other musicians are Mark Greenberg (drums), Brett Bass (bass), and Danny Thompson (guitar). If anyone can provide names for the singer and the second guitarist, I would be very grateful.

The Bitter End is at 147, Bleecker Street, and remains one of my favourite New York night spots to catch live music. You never know which rising star will make an appearance there during the open mic nights or the Sunday and Monday night jams that start late and finish even later. Thousands of performers (including Lady Gaga) have graced the stage at the Bitter End, and the venue has been the go to place for many a rising star.

And since you are online anyway, why not check out their MySpace page…

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