Monday, August 29, 2011

New York City's "Mosaic Man"

Image of Jim Power by David Shankbone, circa 2009.

Jim Power has been called New York City's "Mosaic Man" for many years, and it's not hard to see why. Jim is on a mission to cover as many New York City lamp posts, benches, building fa├žades, plant holders, and other structures with the recycled ceramic materials he uses in his creations.

Jim received permission from New York City’s Department of Transport over 20 years ago to decorate up to 80 lamp posts. Once he was bitten by the mosaicing bug, however, there was no turning back. Now businesses or landlords also commission Jim to complete works on their property.

Now in his 60s, Power has been transforming New York’s streets with his unique works that in turn honor the city and the people who call it home. Check out this short video now…

Filmed, Edited, Produced & Written by Sahar Sarshar
Music by Wild Yaks
Narrated by Arian Boroumand

Jim Power Online…
Jim Power on Twitter: @MosaicManNYC
Read an online article by Abby Luby at The Villager.Com…

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