Monday, April 11, 2011

Solar Mallee Trees

The things you discover walking...
Image: Solar Mallee Trees, 2005. Artist: Anthony Materne.
So there I was, visiting the Adelaide Festival Centre (see my entry AdelaideFestival Centre) for the first time in years. As I wandered across the complex I came across Anthony Materne’s Solar Mallee Trees on the plaza between the Festival Theatre and the Dunstan Playhouse.

To my surprise, a plaque near the installation bore the date 2005, indicating the year the work was created and installed on the plaza. I was surprised, I suppose because it just showed how rarely I paid a visit to my home town’s principle arts centre.
Image: Solar Mallee Trees on the Festival Theatre plaza
Created in steel, aluminium, and fibreglass, and incorporating sound and lighting elements, Solar Mallee Trees is an “…interpretive sculpture developed to creatively exhibit solar power technology through its form, movement-activated messages, lighting display at night, and digital power generation display. The form is a contemporary interpretation of the indigenous Adelaide plains mallee tree.”

There is a lot of public art around Adelaide, and as I discover it for myself, I will present the best of it here.

Name: Solar Mallee Trees, 2005
Artist: Anthony Materne
Location: Adelaide Festival Centre Plaza
View: All year round
Entry: Free

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