Friday, August 27, 2010

Central Park: Six of The Best

As my time in New York winds down, I don’t have time for extended blog entries – I’m too intent on trying to pack as much into my last few days as possible. However, this blog nags at me and insists on the occasional update – no matter how occasional. So I’ve hit on the idea of a quick way to fill some space and still make entries of interest – hence, Six of The Best. Photographs, that is. Today, I’ve chosen six images taken on my rambles through Central Park.


Image: Root Canal Treatment

Image: Hans Christian Anderson statue

Image: Would you like to dance? Two nuns watch as couples dance the Tango

Image: Bethesda Fountain silhouette

Image: Model Boat Pond

Image: Bethesda Terrace ornamentation

Image: Bethesda Terrace ornamentation detail

Yes, yes, I know that's seven images, and not six. That's just the marketer in me trying to live up to the old marketing truism: Always deliver more than you promise.

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