Saturday, January 17, 2015

What We’re Reading This Week

12 Small Ways To Travel More
Suzy Strutner writes about travel matters for The Huffington Post. I thought her recent post examining alternatives to major travel was of interest.

I think exploring your own city and nearby locations is always a good idea, not least because it helps to keep your travel bug well fed and nourished while it waits for the longer journeys ahead.

As Suzy writes: "A trip doesn't have to cross continents, span oceans or even leave the house to be a healthy, inspiring adventure that leaves you totally refreshed." 

Here are some of Suzy Strutner's suggestions.
  • Spend one night under the stars (in your backyard, at a campground, on the beach... anywhere!).
  • Take an hour-long drive to a different city, and go out to dinner.
  • Roll out the map, point to a country with your eyes closed, and research a traditional meal to cook for dinner.
  • Go to the tourist spots in your hometown... sometimes we forget why they're famous in the first place.
  • Spend the night in a nearby B&B.

* * *

Parts Unknown: Vietnam 
Photo: Yiannis Apostolakis
I’ve never been to Vietnam, but I know numerous people who have been there, and with one exception they all loved it. If I can make the time, I will make the journey there myself one day, but for now I will have to make do by visiting through the eyes of other travellers.

Yiannis Apostolakis describes his site as “One mans’ blog about travel, photography and digital technology.” And adds: “It all started in Vietnam.” His website is heavy on photographic images, which is always a great way to tell a story and give readers (viewers?), a sense of place. 

I particularly like this image of baseball caps and bags utilising recycled aluminium (aluminum) Coca-Cola and Pepsi cans. Check out Parts Unknown…

* * *

Tips For Women Traveling Alone
This article from Madelen Lindgren provides good advice for men as well as women. Among her most salient suggestions:
  • Read about your destination and learn some basic phrases of the language
  • Research the good and the bad about your destination
  • Don’t walk around in the wrong clothes. Observe cultural norms.
  • Be street smart. Don’t walk in the dark. Don’t flash your money.
  • Follow your gut feeling, trust it, every time.

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