Monday, April 19, 2010

I Love New York in…?

~ Well, it’s been a long time germinating, but at last plans are starting to bud in anticipation of my next foray into the northern hemisphere. To paraphrase a classic song:

I love New York in June, how about you?
July can’t come too soon, how about you?
Midnight and Jake are waiting,
I can’t stop celebrating,
I am over the moon – how about you?

Yes, folks, the planets are lining up in the perfect configuration for your excited bloggist right now because I’ve recently teed up a two month, rent free, apartment sitting opportunity in Washington Heights, at the top end of Manhattan.

Yes, you read it correctly…

Two months.

Rent free.

New York apartment.

And summer in the city that never sleeps.

Did I say I was ‘over the moon’? That hardly captures how I am feeling right now, but believe me, I am flying!

Midnight and Jake are a couple of very cool cats (literally) that will be in my care for pretty much the entire months of July and August while their Australian owners are back home here in Adelaide over the American summer. In return for looking after the daily needs of the cats and keeping an eye on the apartment, I get to spend most of the northern summer in one of the most exciting cities on the planet.

I feel a song coming on…

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