Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Home Town: Port Adelaide

~ Things to do in and around Port Adelaide

Only 30 minutes or so from the centre of Adelaide, is historic Port Adelaide. At its heart is a series of museums that house an amazing collection of historical artefacts showcasing the states long history. Its nearest beach is Semaphore.

Fast becoming the area’s favourite location for rest and relaxation, Semaphore has all the old world charm of a seaside town. It’s broad main thoroughfare, Semaphore Road, stretches for more than a kilometre and is home to a wide selection of cafés and restaurants, small galleries, and all manner of other local businesses.

Of course, no self respecting seaside town would be without its fish and chip shop – and Semaphore has several of them. What better way to end a day at the beach than with a bag of fresh, hot fish and chips, the seagulls wheeling overhead, and a golden sun setting over the ocean. Ah, perfect.

Here is an incomplete list of some of the Port’s many treasures:
  • Discover the Port Adelaide State Heritage Area
  • Indulge yourself in Semaphore Road’s boutique shops and cafés
  • Enjoy informative Guided Walks
  • Fly high at the South Australian Aviation Museum
  • Cruise for dolphins on the Port Princess or Dolphin Explorer every Sunday
  • Relive your childhood at Semaphore’s foreshore attractions
  • Explore the Port Adelaide Enfield Museum Trail
  • Fish for Snapper and King George Whiting off Semaphore Jetty
  • Exercise your mind and body with Blue Water Sea Kayaking
  • Examine the trains at the National Railway Museum
  • Feast on Fish-N-Chips while a golden sun dips below the horizon
  • Amaze yourself at the Seahorse Farm
  • Checkmate your Chess opponent, Monday nights at McGowan’s Café (Semaphore Rd)
  • Unearth a bargain at the Sunday Fisherman’s Wharf Market (Queens Wharf)
  • Delight in the SA Maritime Museum
  • Thrill at the miniature steam train ride along the foreshore at Semaphore
  • Enjoy an ice cold beer at the Port’s oldest building (Port Admiral Hotel, 1849)
  • Climb the Lighthouse (built in 1869) now located on Queens Wharf
  • Catch a movie at the Semaphore Odeon Star (just $7.00 all sessions)

Whew! Are you tired yet?

There is so much to discover and enjoy in and around Port Adelaide, that you will need several days to visit even just a few of the places listed above – and that is by no means a full list.

Make sure your first stop is the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre...

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