Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back Online Again

Toshiba Satellite L650D laptop
Three weeks after returning from my extended travels, I am finally starting to connect to the online world again via my new Toshiba Satellite L650D (see image). As already reported (Hard Lessons on Hard Drives...) my trusty Sony Vaio gave up on me in Greece, six weeks before my return to Australia, and I have only now been able to replace it.

I am in the process of setting the system up, just the way I like it, which of course includes reinstalling software and configuring that, importing valuable documents and photographs from my backup drive, and getting back into the habit of blogging regularly. And by god, do I have a lot to write about!

So while you may be thinking that this blog was about to join the thousands of others that languish across the internet, be assured dear reader, that the brief, unwanted lull in my travel musings is about to end as I review my travel journal, sort through thousands of images, and begin writing again.

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