Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cruising For The World’s Best Gigs

Ahoy, there! I know regular travellers who love to take long ocean cruises on those massive floating cities of the sea, otherwise known as modern cruise ships. 

Personally, I have never taken such a cruise, although I do seek out more modest water-based activities which I have written about before on this site (Up A Lazy River to Bear Mountain, Brooklyn Hidden Harbor Tour, and Who Pays The Ferryman?).

However, from talking to people who love the big ocean-going cruise experience, among the many things that keeps drawing them back are the sheer range of onboard activities and events that are designed to fill almost every waking hour of the cruise. On any given major cruise ship you care to name, there is a regular schedule of musical performances (bands, singers, dancers, theatre, etc), comedians, children’s entertainment, movies, programs for teens, late night clubs, lectures, and more.

British comedian Phil Walker performs on the Carnival Vista.
Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line
But have you ever asked yourself, How does someone get a gig on these cruise ships? The answer is pretty straight forward. For example, the Carnival Cruise Line holds regular auditions in six main categories for entertainers wishing to join one of their vessels. Carnival is always looking for musicians, singers and dancers, variety acts and comedians, DJs and entertainment staff, youth staff, and finally, the all important technicians who keep all the entertainment programs functioning smoothly and trouble free.

Princess Cruises also puts out regular calls for entertainment staff when required.

What if you are not an entertainer, and still want to score a career on the ocean waves? Don’t worry, all the major cruise lines have sections on their websites that provide information about jobs at sea. The All Cruise Jobs website, even aims to provide a one-stop-shop for hundreds of career opportunities on modern cruise lines. On the site you can search across a range of categories including the already noted entertainment jobs, as well as those in retail, beauty, medical, sport and fitness, child care, and a whole range of others.

So what are you waiting for? Get on board. Here’s a very short promo video from Princess Cruises that gives you a look at one aspect of the type of entertainment—and entertainers—they have on their ships:

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