Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 Tips for Booking Your Next Cruise

~ Diane Robbins of Travel Snippets and More has contributed an article to the Obitz website covering her 10 Tips for Booking Your Next Cruise.

With many Cruise lines currently offering huge discounts to entice passengers on to the ships, I thought it was worth drawing your attention to some of the tips in Diane’s article in which she outlines ten criteria for choosing a cruise vacation.

It pays to know your seasons, that is, have some idea of the best times to travel. You don’t want to be sailing during the hurricane or cyclone seasons – in any hemisphere.

Choose a cruise length that makes the whole experience worthwhile (let alone worth the expense). Short cruises of 5-7 days are hardly worth the trouble. You no sooner unpack your bags and start to relax before you are re-packing and preparing to disembark again.

Location, location. Where on the ship do you want your cabin to be. Once you have chosen your cruise, Diane advises checking out the ship’s deck plan to see what other facilities are located near by. Do you really want a cabin right next to the disco? Of course, the better the location the more you should expect to pay.

Who is the cruise being targeted at? Check out cruise line advertisement and online promotions. Who are they trying to attract on to the cruise? Make sure the age demographic is close to your own, or you may find yourself constantly complaining about the 18-25 year olds who want to party all night while you are trying to sleep. On the other hand, if you are in the 18-25 age bracket, you almost certainly won’t want to be stuck on a cruise with 250 geriatrics and their carers! Do your research first, and choose your cruise accordingly.

Diane Robbins covers other excellent tips in her article, 10 Tips for Booking Your Next Cruise which is well worth taking a look at if you are contemplating a cruise ship holiday this year.
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